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About our farm

We are a French-inspired farm located in Novo Paraíso in the city of Estrela, in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul. We preserve the productive tradition of our ancestors and update the cultivation system using the most modern facilities, equipment and management techniques, serving the most strict parameters of sustainable and organic strawberry production.

Here on the farm, strawberries are 100% organic and sustainable. They are available in two varieties - Albion and San Andreas - and various types and sizes of packaging. They are produced with the utmost respect for people, animals, the environment and working conditions.
Organic and sustainable cultivation, in addition to the ethical principle that guides our production, is the lifestyle we believe in and defend. In addition, we know that the quality of our strawberries: nutritious, healthy and tasty, is directly associated with the management and cultivation of plants.
On this site we bring information about our farm, our partnerships, products, production system, certifications, quality process and the benefits of strawberries and other healthy foods for your health.

For us, producing strawberries and other healthy, organic and sustainable foods is not simply a job, but a passion.

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