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Freeze Dried Organic Strawberry Fraisecroc

Freeze Dried Organic Strawberry Fraisecroc

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Freeze-dried organic strawberry is the dehydrated, dry, crunchy and delicious fruit, which undergoes an industrialization process, maintaining the nutritional characteristics of the fruit in natura.

Freeze dry or freeze dry is the most noble industrialization process for conservation of biological products known, as it involves the two most reliable methods of conservation: freezing and dehydration. It is carried out without preservatives or chemicals. To be lyophilized, the product must be frozen at a very low temperature, usually below -30ºC, and then be subjected to a negative pressure (vacuum), causing the water to be removed by sublimation, that is, pass directly from the state solid to the gaseous state. The end result is a product without changes in size, texture, color, flavor, aroma, vitamin content, minerals, proteins, etc. and, when kept properly, even at room temperature, they remain intact for many years.

- Without fat

- Without gluten

- No preservatives

- Lactose free

- No added sugar


- Orgânico Brasil by Audit

- Sustainable Agriculture by the Rainforest Alliance

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